New REDFLEX system at Intertraffic in Amsterdam

Redflex Traffic Systems, a world leading manufacturer of digital traffic enforcement systems will take part at The Intertraffic fair, 5-8 April 2016. in Amsterdam.

The latest traffic enforcement solution will be exclusively presented. It will ensure Redflex keeps leading position in upcoming years.


Company Safran – Morpho Detection introduced a new generation of drugs and explosives detectors ITEMISER 4DX based on non radioactive source

Using a non-radioactive ionization source and simultaneous, dual-mode detection, Itemiser® 4DX can detect a broad range of current market threat explosives and narcotics without the use of a radioactive source, thereby eliminating the need for annual wipe tests and licensing while reducing shipping  hallenges. The portable, ergonomic desktop unit features automated internal calibration to help decrease consumables cost, optimize ongoing equipment operation and increase detection accuracy.


  • Simultaneously detects and identifies explosives and narcotics from a single sample
  • in approximately eight seconds
  • Non-radioactive ion source eliminates shipping restrictions and licensing requirements
  • Automated internal calibration removes the need for calibration traps required for
  • manual calibration
  • Increased usability, improved operational and detection accuracy
  • Remote monitoring capability via Remote Connect
  • Push-button, schedulable automated maintenance
  • Patented regenerative dryer reduces maintenance downtime and consumables costs
  • By eliminating the need for dryer material replacements

Event in domain of road traffic safety: Youthfulness not foolishness

6th August 2014 – Morning informational program on the first channel of National Television of Serbia was partly dedicated to subject of using the special goggles for simulation and review of drunk people  unawareness under the joint program and campaign for prevention of alcohol abuse  in road traffic named “Mladost ne Ludost” (“Youthfulness not foolishness”). Following participants from government institutions were present live in the broadcast Mr. Nikola Boric in front of Road Traffic Safety Agency, Mr. Igor Beciric in front of Ministry of Youth and Sports and Mr. Slobodan Malesic in front of Directorate for road traffic police of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia.

Road Traffic Safety Agency had presented on 04th July of 2014 an interactive campaign “Mladost ne Ludost” (“Youthfulness not foolishness”), through joint cooperation with Ministry of Youth and Sports and with support of Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and Directorate for road traffic police of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia. Campaign goal is to inform and educate younger generations via web based presentations because web is widely used by younger generations with the subject of prevention and suppression of huge number of road traffic accidents. Campaign in full effect was conducted during the workshops held on EXIT and Love fest festivals.

Drunk Busters goggles are used to simulate how alcohol consumption effects to human body in regards to:  reduced heed, slower reactions, confused thinking – dizziness, field of view deformation, changes in perception of distance and depth, contraction of peripheral field of view, reduced awareness and decision making, double imaging and reduced movement coordination. Drunk buster are also offering goggles for simulation of drugs abuse, fatigue and sleepy conditions.

Redflex system presented at the Traffic Safety Conference in Novi Sad

A two-day expert seminar “Traffic Safety in the local community”, dedicated to road safety improvement on the local level has been held at the new building of the Rectorate of the University of Novi Sad, on June 25-27th 2014.

During the seminar, experts presented latest studies from the field of traffic safety, as well as practical experience in understanding the challenges of risk in traffic. Gojko Vezmar from MRG Export-Import d.o.o. presented latest traffic enforcement solutions by Redflex Traffic Systems.

The seminar was organized by The Centre for Research and Studies Tourism with the support of the City of Novi Sad and the Council for coordination of road safety of The City of Novi Sad.

DSC_4972 DSC_4974

Do not drink and drive

Center for Road Safety Promotion has carried out the project “Do not drink and drive” that primarily deals with the problem of driving under the influence of alcohol in the population of young drivers. Within the project, in addition to lectures, implemented and demonstration exercises in which they used special glasses to simulate three different degrees of drunkenness to users as closely as possible display problems in the coordination of movement faced by persons under the influence of alcohol. The project was realized with the third grade students of secondary schools in Novi Sad with the financial support of the City Administration for Youth and Sports, in partnership with the Agency for Traffic Safety and Traffic Police Department of the Novi Sad. The general distributor of glasses that simulate drunkenness company MRG Export-Import. We invite other companies and organizations in this way to participate in the promotion of road safety.

Road Safety in Local Comunities 2014

The company MRG Export-Import was the general sponsor of the International Conference on Road Safety in Local Comunities in 2014, which was held in Zajecar of 9.4.2014.-04.11.2014. At this conference, the company MRG Export-Import unveiled its sales program in the field of road safety and the special emphasis is placed on the dual radar Australian company Redflex. This device has been presented by Mr. Dudi Choen, sales manager for Europe, the company Redflex.