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Counterfeit threat is realistic

  • According to the Eurupean commision data and customs officials, on the E.U external borders 95 millions of forged products were held only in 2001.
  • According to the OSCE studies, forged products take up 5 to 7% of the whole World trade, which is around 250.000.000 EUR per year.
  • As an example of how dangerous forgery may be we’d point out to farmaceutical product and vehicle spare parts (dangerous to human life and health).


Efficient protection from manipulation of your brand

  • Marking your products with opticaly variable security features is an obstacle difficult to get beyond for forgerers.
  • Decreased sales, price depresion and heavy spending of marketing budgets are all examples of economic damage caused by ilegal copying of famous brands
  • Company can easily lose its reputation and image without being able to return to previous market positions followed by tremendous financial expences.
  • Labels with opticaly variable security features provide commercial security and effective protection against counterfeiting, while at the same time customer confidence toward a recognized branded product is enforced.

Trustseal® Provides highest security

  • The most effective barrier against counterfeit or damaging a product is a combination of available security technologies (OVD features) and invisible information written in a special way.
  • Trustseal® is a patent of Leonhard Kurz company and it offers high and functional level of security.
  • Products with a Trustseal® placed on, is recognizable and most attractive, but on the other hand very difficult for copying because apart from expensive and original technology of Trustseal® production, the label itself can be self-destructive, according to customer’s request.

Trustseal® Effects

  • Black and white
  • Colorful Area
  • Minitext in various heights
  • Various color flips
  • Hidden information
  • Image flip
  • Nano-text
  • DeepView Lens Effect
  • Rainbow
  • Grayscale image

New Trustseal® effects

  • Diffractive black
  • Nano image raster
  • Lens variations
  • ConTrust
  • Advanced hidden info

Trustseal® features

  • Very difficult for copying (patented)
  • VHigh brilliancy even in poor light conditions.
  • Vector graphics, advantage over ordinary holograms.
  • Diffractive optical structure of Trustseal®-a generated on computer based original processes and embedded into a polymer foil structure.
  • Advanced security elements not visible with a naked eye, for which special devices are needed to be seen, provide a high level of protection agains counterfeiting.
  • It is possible to write additional information on a Trustseal®, using termoprint, for example numeration, bar code etc.



Alhtough holograms are very safe as a counterfeit protection, they are still not above the methods used by forgerers. For this reason Kurz developed unsurpassed technology of Trustseal® production. Different technological processes from holography to digital computer technology are used to generate tools for security foil production, depending on protection level requested by the customer. In a word, best protection against counterfeiting or manipulation is to be at least one step ahead of potential forgerers in terms of technology.

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