KINEGRAM® for passports

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KINEGRAM® for passports

In September 2001 the world changed for travellers and with it their travel documents, such as passports, also changed. Security companies are constantly on the look-out for new security elements. Electronically verifiable control elements and corresponding reading devices have been introduced to increase the security level. But one thing remains unchanged: trust your eyes. Quick and simple visual verification cannot be replaced by machines, not now and not in the future. The optically variable security element KINEGRAM® confirms that a document is genuine while protecting the photograph and the personalized data on the data page. Whether a paper data page or a composite plastic page needs to be protected, OVD Kinegram has the ideal, durable and secure solution.

For passport solutions with plastic (polycarbonate) data pages: KINEGRAM® PCI

In recent years documents made of polycarbonate or other high durability materials have become prevalent. Embedded KINEGRAM® security elements protect the personalized data of the passport or ID card. The KINEGRAM® foil is specially designed to meet the application needs. Thanks to pioneering work in embedded security elements, the KINEGRAM® is able to draw from over a decade of experience in this field.

  • KINEGRAM® security elements are completely embedded and cannot be manipulated
  • Excellent protection against wear and tear during daily use
  • Extensive possibilities for integration of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level features
  • Customer-specific combinations of transparent and metallized KINEGRAM® designs


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