CTX 9800 DSi

CTX 9800 DSi™

The CTX 9800 DSi is the first TSA-certified high-throughput, high-resolution 3D EDS available on the market today. Using the innovative Clarity Data Acquisition System, the CTX 9800 DSi generates unprecedented imaging for screening checked bags.

  • Innovative Computed Tomography (CT) explosives detection with advanced throughput performance
  • TSA-certified, ECAC Standard 3 compliant
  • Constant-width, one-meter conveyor belt and tunnel
  • Unprecedented “Clarity” HD3D images for enhanced threat detection
  • High speed capability with belt speed of 0.30 m/s
  • Dynamic Screening, changing detection modes via BHS
  • Multiplexing network capability
  • BHS integrated


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