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About Cellbusters

Cellbusters is a USA company which provides customers the protection from security risks caused by cellular devices for more than a decade. 

Cellbusters is a leading technology developer of detection and location of radio frequency signals and it was one of the first companies who began to deal with solving problems of detecting, monitoring, controlling and locating mobile phones and radio frequency activity.

Cellular technology has developed fast and nowadays it has achieved six billion cell phones in use throughout the world. Therefore, the risks to the security of property, facilities and information have grown.

Cellbusters is the market leader because it takes good care of our customers’ needs and continuously identifies potential threats, adjusts technology and develops new solutions.

Today, solutions that we offer provide protection for governmental institutions and individuals all over the world and they can be found anywhere where the use of cell devices is restricted or prohibited.

Cellbusters products for detection and locating radio frequency in protection zone are:

  • Zone protector – device for detection,
  • Zone manager – software for control devices,
  • Zone manager cloud – solution for clients without hardware platforms.

Cellbusters make product for:

  • correctional facilities
  • intelligence agencies
  • military
  • police
  • universities
  • research centers
  • factories
  • shopping malls
  • warehouses
  • casinos
  • private houses and flats.

You may find more about this company by visiting their web site at www.cellbusters.com.

Zone Protector™ i Zone Manager™

Cellbusters ZoneProtector

Cellbusters Zone protector

Zone Protector is a passive detection device that provides maximum protection for your environment by continuously scanning bands for cell phone and user selectable radio frequency transmissions. 

When Zone protector detects radio frequency activity, it alarms in accordance with settings: audio alarm, light alarm or hidden alarm by software.

Basic features are

  • Frequency bands from 20 MHz to 6 GHz (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, etc.),
  • Detection range to 30 meters per device,
  • Control and setting through local network.


Cellbusters Zone Manager

Cellbusters Zone manager

Zone manager is software which provides centralized real-time monitoring and management for one or more zone protectors.

Zone manager provides display alarm locations on interactive map, graphics and reports of detected activities and sends alarm notification by e-mail.

Zone manager cloud

Solution zone manager cloud allows you to be certain that there will be no use of cell phones in the protection zone without the need of having appropriate hardware platforms, management and maintenance of servers. Access and control of the solution is provided through standard internet connection, avoiding all the costs that hardware platform carries.  


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