Dual radar technology

Redflex Dual Radar

About dual radar technology

Dual radar technology allows the system to be operated at sites where traditional single radar-based camera systems fail, eliminating the usual radar anomalies such as phantom signals, reflections and other noise-related issues. 

The technology is based on two Doppler radars. The speed radar accurately determines vehicle speed, while the tracking radar provides range and target information, to supply accurate speed detection, lane and vehicle position identification. 

The system is available with a high resolution color or monochrome 11 megapixel camera, with a choice of three lenses, to suit every location and operational environment. Combined with visible or infrared illumination, this enables REDFLEXspeed radar to accurately detect offending vehicles whilst providing perfect images.

Key features:

  • Dual radar detection for reliability and accuracy in all weather conditions
  • Two radars operate independently to verify speed measurement
  • Enforcement of up to six lanes simultaneously with lane identification
  • vehicle classification and Enforcing different rules/speed for cars/trucks
  • System can operate in areas where traditional radar-based systems fail
  • Non-intrusive detection technology eliminates the need for disruptive road works, reducing installation time and cost

Redflex Dual Radar is designed to be used as a fixed system pole or gantry-mounted at the roadside, or as a mobile system in vehicle or a tripod.

  • Brža i jednostavnija instalacija i lakše održavanje

Dual radar sistem može biti postavljen na stub ili portal (kao stacionarni sistem) ili na tronožac ili u vozilo (kao mobilni sistem). 


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