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Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Interior

  • Department for border police
  • Department for criminal technique police, National forensic center
  • Department for security of certain persons and facilities
  • Department for informational technologies
  • Department for communications and crypto protection
  • Department for traffic police
  • Special Antiterrorist Unit
  • Counterterrorist Unit
  • Squad for explosive ordnance disposal

Security information agency

Ministry of Justice

  • Department for execution of criminal sanctions

Ministry of Finance

  • Customs department

Serbian Armed Forces

  • Air forces and air defence

Ministry of Defense

  • Military technical institute

National bank

  • Cash department, National Counterfeit Center
  • Institute for manufacturing bank notes and coins


  • Embasy of United States of America
  • Embasy of Russian Federation in Republic of Serbia


Ministry of Interior

  • Border crossing management
  • Forensic center in Danilovgrad

Central bank

  • Treasury department, National Counterfeit Center

Republic of Macedonia

National bank