Crossmatch – Compact biometric verification and credential authentication

Compact biometric verification and credential authentication

The Verifier Sentry handheld solution is designed to rapidly authenticate the identity of an individual using their secure credentials and biometrics. The compact, highly mobile biometric fingerprint scanner and credential reader is uniquely suited for law enforcement, border control and immigration officers that require portability and autonomous operational capabilities. The handheld solution rapidly reads a wide range of supported credential documents with embedded biometric data and verifies the credential holder’s ID by matching the biometric to a live scan of their fingerprint. Alternatively, the Verifier Sentry can transmit an unknown subject’s fingerprint to an AFIS for remote matching and receive back the response.


  • Integrated FAP 30 fingerprint sensor
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Wide range of supported credentials, including PIV, CAC and TWIC cards and ICAO 9303 standard ePassports
  • Configurable to read any contact or contactless smart card chip and decode numerous security protocols
  • On device matching for autonomous operation
  • Optional Commander mobile device management tool provides centralized administration capabilities

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