DVM In-Car Digital Video System


What is DVM?

DVM is a system for video and audio surveillance designed for application in low enforcement vehicles. The entire Digital In-Car Video System is integrated into a replacement rear view mirror and wireless microphones for recording audio outside of the vehicle.

This device has a permanent recording feature, without the possibility of the recordings being erased by staff. It records all developments inside and outside of the vehicle during the shift. This provides internal control and clear evidence admissible in court about the suspects’ behavior, their possible threats/assaults, resisting the arrest, offering bribes, assaults on vehicles for money transfer, police officers or security staff. In the other hand, the system provides clear evidence about legitimate actions of the police officers and other security staff or their possible misconduct in the course of duty.

After the vehicle is back to base, all recorded data are transferred to central computer for review and storage. Data transfer can be done manually by simple copying or automatically by wireless option.


Sudden and unexpected events are usual in low enforcement. With pre-event feature, DVM system is able to record up to 60 second before the recording is started.

Areas of application and users 

  • Police (traffic police units, criminal police department forensic units intervention units, escort units, highway patrols, VIP security officers)
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency Medical Help
  • VIP and money transfer escort units
  • private security companies
  • banks
  • insurance companies

There are several DVM models designed for different users and applications:

  • DVM-800 (max 8 cameras and 7 microphones)
  • DVM-750 (max 4 cameras and 4 microphones)
  • DVM-250 and DVM-250 Plus – models designed for commercial application
  • DVM-100 (max 1 camera and 2 microphones)
  • DV-440 Ultra – modes designed for motorcycles and boats.

Final system configuration is projected based on customer’s specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


For more information please contact us. We are happy to help.