Event in domain of road traffic safety: Youthfulness not foolishness

6th August 2014 – Morning informational program on the first channel of National Television of Serbia was partly dedicated to subject of using the special goggles for simulation and review of drunk people  unawareness under the joint program and campaign for prevention of alcohol abuse  in road traffic named “Mladost ne Ludost” (“Youthfulness not foolishness”). Following participants from government institutions were present live in the broadcast Mr. Nikola Boric in front of Road Traffic Safety Agency, Mr. Igor Beciric in front of Ministry of Youth and Sports and Mr. Slobodan Malesic in front of Directorate for road traffic police of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia.

Road Traffic Safety Agency had presented on 04th July of 2014 an interactive campaign “Mladost ne Ludost” (“Youthfulness not foolishness”), through joint cooperation with Ministry of Youth and Sports and with support of Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and Directorate for road traffic police of Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia. Campaign goal is to inform and educate younger generations via web based presentations because web is widely used by younger generations with the subject of prevention and suppression of huge number of road traffic accidents. Campaign in full effect was conducted during the workshops held on EXIT and Love fest festivals.

Drunk Busters goggles are used to simulate how alcohol consumption effects to human body in regards to:  reduced heed, slower reactions, confused thinking – dizziness, field of view deformation, changes in perception of distance and depth, contraction of peripheral field of view, reduced awareness and decision making, double imaging and reduced movement coordination. Drunk buster are also offering goggles for simulation of drugs abuse, fatigue and sleepy conditions.