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IRISAFE® MICRO – The new optically variable security element

IRISAFE® MICRO is based on a special coating technology that allows the proven effectiveness of iridescent security features to be registered into a multi-colour coating applied at the print mill.  The discreet colours can be easily integrated into the print design and also be overprinted without diminishing the effect or using up valuable banknote or passport paper real-estate.

IRISAFE® MICRO consists of up to 5 very fine iridescent colour lines applied in registration with 1mm spacing or edge to edge.  The perfect orientation of the interference pigments in the individual colour lines, creates a very even colour coverage, high gloss and a brilliant, easy to recognize colour flip.

IRISAFE® MICRO – is applied with a special technique developed by Landqart (patent pending) which guarantees perfect registration and high marginal sharpness. This newly developed method allows also for colour lines with defined interspacing.


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