High grade raw materials, professional processing, expertise and experience all combined with traditional Swiss precision make banknotes built with Landqart substrates hard to counterfeit and easy to authenticate.  Every banknote contains numerous security features – many of which are made more secure through their integration into the production of the paper itself. The most well-known overt feature is the classic cylinder mould watermark and the security thread both of which are manufactured in-house Landqart and it’s sister company Fortress Optical Features.

Today, Landqart supplies banknote paper to more than 30 countries. It all started with a well known currency – The Swiss Franc.  The Swiss Franc is the industry benchmark currency for quality and security. Landqart is the trusted partner behind this currency icon.

Durasafe® – The Innovative Combination of Paper and Polymer

Landqart Paper

Durasafe® – The Innovative Combination of Paper and Polymer

Durasafe® is the innovative new composite paper-polymer-paper banknote substrate from Landqart AG.  It is the platform for the world’s most secure banknotes. Durasafe® is composed of two cotton paper outer layers with a fully transparent polymer core. The paper is high security cylinder mould made containing a watermark and security fibres and other traditional security features including easy-to-recognise banknote paper tactility. The polymer core adds strength and security, while allowing windows to be formed virtually anywhere on the banknote. Windows are formed to look into the core of the substrate, or directly through the substrate.


Thrusafe™ windows are fully transparent. Hold the Durasafe banknote up to see through the windows with different shapes designed for each banknote denomination.


Viewsafe™ windows allow a clear view into the core of the Durasafe banknote. See the security foil or watermark or even the unprinted inside surface of the different coloured security paper layer on the opposite side of the banknote sealed behind the clear polymer core.  The window draws users’ attention to the visible security features sealed inside the substrate.

On printing presses, Durasafe® behaves like regular banknote paper or in many cases even better than paper.  From the tactility of the intaglio print to blind embossing, Durasafe® works with all the traditional banknote printing processes without reducing machine speed or making major print setting adjustments.  Ink adhesion and drying is very good and windows can be overprinted.  The substrate can have a post-print varnish or not (unlike other polymer surface banknote substrates where post-print varnish is required).


The polymer core in Durasafe® adds stability and higher mechanical strength properties to banknotes. A longer lifetime compared to ordinary banknote paper can be expected, especially when combined with an effective post-print varnish.


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