KINEGRAM® for other documents

Kinegram for other documents

KINEGRAM® for other documents

Visa stickers, birth certificates and other important official paper documents require special authentication elements, to make attempts to alter or falsify them immediately recognizable.   KINEGRAM® PATCH or STRIPE are two proven and constantly updated products available for this purpose. Different diffractive control elements and sophisticated part-demetallizing guarantee the highest possible security level.

For paper documents with pre-applied KINEGRAM®:
Transparent or partly metallized

The classic KINEGRAM® PATCH or STRIPE hot-stamping application can be used with most any type of document, specifically visas, certificates and registration documents. This efficient first-line security foil is usually applied in transparent, metallized or partially metallized versions. The composition of the security foil with the KINEGRAM® security element is perfectly matched to the substrate and the specified application machines. Our experience gained over more than 25 years gives you a clear advantage.

  • Maximum protection against forgeries
  • Outstanding resolution and brilliance
  • Finest movement effects
  • Available in transparent, metallized or partially metallized versions


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