About AFIS

Papillon AFIS system enables the creation, storage and management of electronic database of fingerprints and traces of the crime. Automatic Search helps in solving various tasks forensics:

  •    Identification of individuals based on fingerprints and palm, including authentication field on the basis of a single fingerprint
  •    Identification of unknown bodies
  •    Determining the crimes of the past
  •    Connect to several crimes perpetrated by one person

Possibilities of PAPILLON AFIS:

  •    Record and store electronic TP cards that contain text descriptions, rolled and control fingerprints, handprints, face pictures and photos of specific characteristics of the body
  •    Record and store fingerprints and palm prints found at the scene of the crime.
  •    Import and export TP card and latents in the ANSI / NIST format
  •    Automatic searches entered each new case
  •    Automatic searches in the database based on the textual description
  •    Displaying and printing graphical information
  •    Print all analysis, confirmation of identification, expert
  •    Interaction with other types of automated databases


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