Papillon ExpertLab

Papillon ExpertLab

ExpertLab a set that consists of a base and a set of variable sources of lights that provide a wide range of light environments which assist in the collection of images evidence. Special brackets are used to hold objects. Also, the set is equipped with a black box and a transparent platform. 

Expert-Lab is used for the purposes of basic and efficient testing of evidence with the aim of finding fingerprints, footprints and traces of scratching, delete or edit documents. It also provides forensic-quality results all the evidence.

The composition of the set of inputs: 

  •    Tripod
  •    Holder Item
  •    Transparent Platform
  •    Black box
  •    Spot lights
  •    IR source
  •    UV source
  •    Holder of small objects
  •    Bottle holder
  •    Dimmer


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