Papillon MKDS 30 / MKDS 40

MKDS 30 / MKDS 40

MKDS 30/MKDS40 offer authentication in real time as well as the ability to create electronic daktilokartona in any condition and environment. Mobile design of these devices is based on the use of lap top computers, reinforced suitcase and mobile communications that enable interaction with the AFIS machine in any location.

Cell Kit consists of:

  • Lap top computer, charger, mouse, extra battery, USB flash memory
  • Converter 12V/220V
  • GSM modem
  • fingerprint scanner PAPILLON DS30/PAPILLON DS45
  • A4 printer
  • Digital Camera
  • Carrying case
  • Software Package

All components are located in two reinforced carrying case small size. With the first suitcase is possible to check the identity of the person or persons to make electronic TP cards. Using suitcases and other information and can be printed.

Both stations are suitable for operation in any vehicle – can use the converter and used car battery and a built-in battery pack.


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