Avon FM53

FM53 product


Avon’s revolutionary FM53 multi-role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) System has been developed specifically for specialist applications where the user needs to respond to changing operational conditions.

  • Panoramic single lens visor providing excellent field of view and compatibility with weapon sights and night vision equipment.
  • Vision correction assembly for prescription lenses.
  • Chlorobutyl rubber and silicone blend giving the mask a high degree of flexibility and comfort for extended use.
  • 4 face piece sizes for improved fit.
  • 6 point skull cap head harness with low profile pre-adjusted brow straps.
  • Standard 40mm thread form compliant with EN148-1.
  • Reflex seal with low profile brow for helmet compatilbity.
  • Fail safe hydration system.
  • Integrated removable light weight CBRN protective hood.
  • A range of filters are available to meet the variety of needs that the FM53 can address.


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