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KeTech specialises in communication, information and detection technologies. As innovators and integrators developers of intelligent telecommunications software which has use in telecommunication. Detection products cover wide range of markets including transport, industrial, security and public sector.

Creating long term relationships with our customers we ensure a greater understanding of exact requirements, allowing us solutions to meet your specific needs.

KeTech consistently delivers well considered solutions which offer the best possible combination of performance and value for money. We draw from internal resources to provide our customers with the complete project package – from initial system definition through to design, implementation and maintenance.

KeScope – termal imaging camera

KeScope Thermovision Camera


Termal imaging camera

Smaller, lighter and higher performance than any other thermal sensor in its class; KeScope is a technological breakthrough, providing you with more than simply the ability to detect ‘hidden’ people and vehicles, at all times of the day and night.

KeTech recognises that surveillance and security operations can be highly stressful especially in low light and dark situations. Mistakes can be made by even very well trained operators. Based on the practices in use in harsh conditions, KeScope is designed to be simple to use.  

KeScope is tough – the unique materials and construction used by the unit ensure that it will work in the most demanding environment. KeScope is small and lightweight, so it can always be with you. 

Key Benefits 

  • Covert & inaudible: enhanced safety and negligible risk of personal location discovery by the subject
  • Exceptional battery life: up to 8 hours continuous use
  • Continual video image: no calibration breaks
  • Small: pocket sized (7cm x 8cm x 20cm)
  • Lightweight: <650 gr with batteries
  • Zoom x1, x2, x4 modes included
  • Fast switch on from ‘off’: virtually instant from standby mode
  • Designed for high-stress operations
  • Detects humans up to 1800m
  • Detects vehicles up to 4000m
  • Camera is IP67 rated
  • Expansion connector available for remote recording/control
  • IR illuminator (optional)
  • Optimised for urban and rural use
  • No specialised training or handling required
  • Models with an image update rate >9Hz are subject to UK Export Licence Control


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