Alco-Sensor Vxl

Alco-Sensor Vxl

Alco-Sensor Vxl description

The Alco-Sensor Vxl (ASVxl) is an advanced, handheld, microprocessor driven, breath alcohol testing instrument. The ASVxl provides a simple, economical method of determining a subject’s breath alcohol concentration with evidential grade accuracy. Additionally, the instrument offers the ability to perform rapid screening and passive testing of subjects. It can also be used to perform a headspace analysis of a sample over a liquid.

The instrument’s design offers great flexibility. The Alco-Sensor Vxl can be used in a stand-alone mode and it can be interfaced with a serial printer to provide a printed record of a test.  Alternatively, the ASVxl can interface through a docking station or wireless connection with multiple peripherals, including keyboards, printers, magnetic card readers, bar code readers and computers.  A wide range of options are available to configure the instrument to your program needs.

The Alco-Sensor Vxl was designed with operator safety in mind. Unlike other instruments available, the ASVxl’s symmetric design with a rear facing display allows the operator to remain in control of the subject, view the instrument display, monitor the surrounding environment and divert the subject’s breath away from the operator during the sample collection process.

The instrument is quickly prepared for testing with use of Intoximeters easily attached mouthpieces, passive cups and drink sniffers (depending on the testing protocol selected.)

The ASVxl also offers advantages in low light operations such as an illuminated mouthpiece guide, a lever & snap mouthpiece insertion, side-viewable LED indicator, and multi-color back lit display messaging to warn of important test conditions.



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