Redflex Redlign and Speed Camera


REDFLEXred-speed is fixed traffic enforcement system. Main features:

  • speed enforcement
  • red-light enforcement
  • “live” video surveillance
  • vehicle counting per lane
  • Plate number OCR
  • Enforce up to 6 lanes

The system enables easy and automated enforcement data processing in back office:

  • “Online” i “offline” data transfer
  • Multilevel approach to the system with authorization
  • Automated and centralized data processing
  • Automatically import data from vehicles database
  • Automated creation of traffic offence notices
  • Offence data can be uploaded to internet to enable offender to view his offence video
  • Evidence systematization for courts

REDFLEXred-speed system has been type approved by The Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals of the Republic of Serbia and Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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